Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Terrorist Organizations - How Hamas and Hezbollah Maintain Their Public Support

Are some terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah really social organizations bound by hatred? I would submit to you that this is the case. From Lebanon, Hezbollah started a war with Israel, when Israel retaliated, Hezbollah became a construction organization and rebuilt people's homes, built mosques and schools. They even gave hundred dollar bills to anyone whose home was destroyed during the fighting. No matter that Hezbollah started the war by shooting missiles into Israel, often using private property, schools, and even hospitals to launch their weapons from.

And the hundred dollar bills they were giving to people, they were counterfeit US currency. Can you believe it? Hamas, in many regards is using about the same strategy. Why are they using this strategy you ask; because it works, and they are able to gain support from the public. If they are in the cities helping out with community projects in between the next round of attacks, they can win friends and influence people. Once they have the popular support, they also have a nice recruitment tool.

It's often been said that to build a team you have to pick an enemy. The enemy has to be something terrible, mean, evil, and unjust. By firing rockets into Israel they can get Israel to retaliate. When it does they can use the media, and such events to show that Israel is evil to their local people; therefore justifying their existence as the resistance against evil. Very convenient isn't it? So how do you defeat a group which has united their community in hate, and is constantly picking a fight with its neighbors in order to label itself as the solution? It's your basic baiting technique.

You may not have thought of this, but this is very similar to how street gangs operate in the inner-city. One street gang does something to cause conflict with another, then the other street gang attacks them, this unites the first street gang through adversity, and gets them to work together as a team becoming stronger against the other gang. Then they go on the offensive again, and then you have a never ending circle of violence. The trick would be just to stop fighting, and this would diffuse the power of the instigators.

However, when one gang is terrorizing your neighborhood, you must defend yourself, but in this case when Israel defends itself this just gives more fodder to the media to uplift the notoriety of the terrorist organization. Amazing isn't it? Please consider all this and think on it.

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