Sunday, September 16, 2012

Women in India

Though India is a country where women are worshipped as goddesses, they were treated no better than slaves even a century ago. They were usually considered to be the weaker sex and were often kept subdued by the men folk.

Over the years, as the country went through political, economical and social changes, the condition of the Indian woman also changed for the better. They began to get their place in independent India. They stopped being mere domestic servants and saw the light of education and started playing a more pertinent role in the country's development. Today, no segregation is made between a boy and girl with regard to education. Indian women, now educated, have found their place of honour in the society.

Both Indian women and men enjoy equal voting rights. This means that the Indian woman has an equal say in deciding who will run the country. Their voices are now more dynamic and audible than ever. No leader or politician can ever ignore the voice of the Indian women or can oppose their rights. Women in India have become identical partners in electing and dismissing a government.

With the changing times and to grant more power to the Indian women, Hindu laws have been modified. The Hindu Marriage Act has undergone far reaching changes and Indian women have been granted the right to divorce. This has ensured them to get protection and relief against cruel and virulent husbands. Besides, the Hindu Succession Act has ensured the daughter's share in her parents' property. Such reforms have secured the position of women in India in the society.

The Constitution of the country has also guaranteed identical rights to the men and women of India. No distinction is carried out on the basis of religion, caste or sex. This has safeguarded their rights. Moreover, reservation of women's seats in Parliament, state assemblies and other democratic bodies is also on the cards. This would ensure greater women representation in the affairs of the country.

Many of Indian women have occupied the highest posts in the country. A case in point is Indira Gandhi. She was the first woman Prime Minister of India and often referred to as the iron lady. She was a leader of world stature. Guided by her success, more and more Indian women are entering politics to serve the people of the country.

Women are being recruited in the armed forces of the country and they are playing a vital role in maintaining law and order of the country. The observance of the international women's year in 1975, was a shot in the arm for the emancipation of women.

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