Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why Israel Doesn't Need a Draft For A Ground War Against Hamas and Their Angry Friends

It looks like Hamas has been setting up some rather high tech missile equipment to shoot into Israel. Not just those little rockets, which are more of a nuisance than anything else, although they strike fear into citizenry when shot in large barrages or swarms. I suppose striking fear much as the German V1 and V2 rockets did in World War II, or the SCUD missiles did during the first Gulf War. How did Hamas get these industrial grade missiles? Apparently they got them from Sudan, from a missile factory, which was probably set up by the Iranians or from Iran directly smuggled in parts and reassembled.

Of course, Israel's Mossad knows what's going on in and around the region, they also know what's going on in Iran, and they've been very careful to remove threats one by one as they appear, constantly gathering information as they go. Apparently, Hamas thinks they are sneaky, or at least one of their main leaders did, who met his demise from an Israeli missile strike onto his Mercedes while he was busy with his body guards looking around every which way but up. Israel wants to remove the rest of this threat, as any nation wishing to defend themselves would.

Israel put out a press release that it might call up 35,000 people and draft them into temporary service for a potential ground war. Indeed I saw another news report that suggested that Israel might call up 75,000 reservists. They have people ready, everyone in Israel is militarily trained, everyone has served in the military for at least two years. Every single citizen is a reservist in a way. So should they call up tens of thousands of reservists for duty and service? They can you know, and I think all their adversaries know it as well.

To that I say; that's nice but they don't have too. In fact, if they just put out a sign-up sheet, and told interested citizens to report they'd have 500,000 within 24-hours. Further, there are probably a million Americans who'd volunteer too. Doubt what I am saying - don't, it's true. Even though there is an election getting ready to get underway in Israel, all the candidates are on board with defending Israel against this foe. Israel's response has been measured, calculated, and rather immediate I might add.

Once Hamas tried to create a diversion firing rockets into the Jewish state, Israel took it upon itself to take out the industrial grade missiles too, now they want to go get the rest, wouldn't you? Then there is Egypt, what should it do? Perhaps it should stand down and not re-learn the lessons of the past, or has all of this united Hamas, and the Muslim brotherhood in a common cause?

More to follow, and more players to be revealed, and I hope you will stay tune for the future of this conflict and latest round - and perhaps, the end of Hamas as a proxy terrorist group. Perhaps, they should have quit while they were they had the chance? Please consider all this and think on it.

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