Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is The United States of America Negotiating for a Terrorist Organization Now?

In mid-November of 2012 rockets were shot from across the Syrian border into Israel. Simultaneously, rockets and even Fajr 3 and Fajr 5 missiles were shot from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The culprit was well-known, and this was no surprise to Israel's intelligence service. Hamas was obviously behind it all, and they had recently hijacked the politic in the Palestinian territory. The US State Department has labeled Hamas as a terrorist organization, and in fact it is a proxy terrorist group for Iran.

Those Fajr 5 missiles are Iranian missiles. As the attack got going, and for the next week everyone was screaming that it was time for a cease-fire and negotiation. Israel asked a simple question; who will be negotiating for Hamas? Since it is a terrorist organization, and those terrorists are keeping their identities secret, and it's hard to tell who was in control, it's doubtful they will come out of the woodwork in broad daylight, show themselves, and negotiate.

After all, the longevity for a Hamas military leader, once known, and gallivanting around in public certainly wouldn't be more than a few hours considering Hamas is now at war with Israel in this latest round. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was dispatched to meet with Israel's leader in Jerusalem, from there she would go to the Palestinian territory, perhaps to talk to Mahmoud Abbas, and into Egypt to talk to their new Muslim Brotherhood leader Morsi. There's just one problem with this, first, Mahmoud Abbas doesn't speak for Hamas.

Thus, apparently Hillary Clinton will negotiate on behalf of Hamas with Israel I am guessing? But that brings up a very good question; is the United States of America negotiating for a terrorist organization? And if so may I ask under whose authority? It has been noted that the United States nor Israel negotiates with terrorists. One of the leaders for Israel said that if Hamas wanted a cease-fire, then all they had to do would be to stop shooting rockets and missiles into the country. Apparently Hamas doesn't want to stop shooting missiles until they run out of ordinance to shoot - Iran probably doesn't want Hamas to stop either.

You see, you can't negotiate with a ghost, or someone in hiding, and you should never negotiate with a terrorist organization. Only a fool would try, and therefore why is the United States even bothering to try to negotiate with a terrorist organization or on their behalf with Israel? It makes no sense whatsoever. Hamas wants to look good in the media to gain more support politically so they can overshadow Mahmoud Abbas, who by the way has been trying to join the United Nations a nonmember state, so that the Palestinian Authority might have a voice.

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