Sunday, September 9, 2012

How The US Blew It Big Time In Iraq - Oil, Energy, Iran, Russia, and Middle East Chaos

Well, I would submit to you that we sure blew it in Iraq. In hindsight it's really easy to make that statement because it is so obvious now. What we should have done is quite simple. We should have put in our own government, let the Iraqi people know that we would turn it over to them in the year 2020. And in the interim we would put in our oil companies, and take the profit to rebuild their civilization using US contractors, and paying off our war debt.

Then when we turned it back over to them they would have a civilization which would look more like Dubai or Kuwait than what it looks like today. They would have by then 15 billion barrels of oil flowing out per year, and all the money they needed to maintain a strong army for defense, and a stable society and government. If that would've happened, I have no doubt that the many different sects would have gotten along, and enjoyed economic prosperity.

Today, all we see is a giant disaster. Iran is now influencing the Iraqi government, Iran is also flying weapons over Iraqi airspace into Syria to help the Assad regime put down its rebel opposition and the continuous killing of its own people which is now in excess of 30,000. But that's not all that's happening in Iraq, they are still treating the Kurds like secondhand citizen, not that the Kurds haven't been causing their own troubles with their neighbors next door in Turkey. Things are a mess in that regard.

Then there is the issue of the 12 to 15 billion barrels a day potential crude oil export capacity of Iraq, as they aren't even producing a fraction of that yet. It is unlikely that with all the infighting in their own government that they will reach those levels in the next decade. You'd think with the huge demand in the rest of the world that they'd be able to get this done, and that they'd work nonstop to see it to fruition.

There was an interesting piece in Energy Daily on November 9, 2012 titled; "Iraq: Exxon pulls out, Russia wants in," by Staff Writers in Baghdad. Well, that's just great, apparently we are turning Iraq over to Iran, the Russians, and there is still no stability or peace in the region. What the heck did we do? If we really wanted to get rid of Saddam, he was only one man. Why did we spend $1 trillion there with nothing to show for it? The country is no better off today than it ever has been, and in hindsight we've accomplished nothing.

Well, that doesn't impress me much and it is rather embarrassing; and whereas, there are many we could blame, the comedy of errors that created this mess are truly unacceptable. It certainly wouldn't have happened under my administration. Please consider all this and think on it.

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